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54 - Doug Jensen, Estée Lauder Companies

This is a podcast episode titled, 54 - Doug Jensen, Estée Lauder Companies. The summary for this episode is: <p>On Ep. 54 of Earned, we spoke to Doug Jensen, SVP of<strong> </strong>Go-to-Market Analytics &amp; Activation for the Estée Lauder Companies (ELC). We start the episode by unpacking what Doug’s analytics-focused role entails, and learn more about his path from statistical analyst to business consultant to beauty analytics expert. We then explore how Doug leverages an industry technique called “marketing mix modeling” to understand the impact that various marketing tactics have on ELC’s sales, search, and traffic. Doug explains how measuring all parts of the marketing funnel can help prove a strong relationship between influencer marketing and sales. From there, we dive deeper into the effect that content creators and social media have on consumer sales, before discussing ELC’s viral TikTok campaigns and learnings from the platform. To close the show, Doug emphasizes how his job is not measurement for the sake of measurement, but rather measurement in service of an outcome: brands and marketers making better decisions.</p>