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50 - David Chung, Farmacy Beauty & iLABS

This is a podcast episode titled, 50 - David Chung, Farmacy Beauty & iLABS. The summary for this episode is: <p>It’s our 50th episode of Earned! Today we’re sitting down with David Chung, founder of Farmacy Beauty and CEO of innovation and manufacturing company iLABS. To start the episode, David walks us through his impressive entrepreneurial journey, and we hear how his frustrations with third-party contract manufacturers led him to launch OEM and ODM manufacturing company Englewood LAB. David then shares why he wanted to shift his focus to brand building with the launch of Farmacy Beauty, before revealing the challenges that led him to launch innovation-focused, full-service manufacturing company iLABS. We then discuss the importance of building strong relationships both personally and professionally, and David explains why he values a company’s reputation over revenue. Next, we talk about the factors that contributed to the success of Farmacy Beauty, a brand at the forefront of the clean beauty movement which was recently acquired by P&amp;G. We then dive into iLABS, with David sharing how it’s different from Englewood LAB, and why the focus is on R&amp;D and innovation and helping small businesses grow. To close the show, we talk about the brands David has in incubation right now, and where he’s seeing pockets of demand and opportunity in the space.</p><p><br></p><p>To show our thanks for your support over the last 50 episodes, we’re giving away $100 to 50 listeners! Click here to enter the raffle:</p>