Tribe Top 10 Recap: October 2021

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This is a podcast episode titled, Tribe Top 10 Recap: October 2021. The summary for this episode is: <p>Welcome to our October Tribe Top 10 Video Recap! In this video, Cat and Zach from Team Tribe provide quick-hit insights into October’s top brands across U.S. beauty, European beauty, luxury fashion, apparel, and more.&nbsp;Keep on watching to find out how rising and established cosmetics brands capitalized on the Halloween makeup trend and led October in Earned Media Value!</p>
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Cat Kulke: Hi, I'm Cat Kulke, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Tribe Dynamics.

Zach Donnenfield: And I'm Zach Donnenfield, Content Marketing Manager at Tribe Dynamics.

Cat Kulke: And we want to welcome you to our October Tribe Top 10 video recap. In this video, we'll be sharing quick hit insights into October's top brands in US beauty, European beauty, luxury fashion, apparel, and more.

Zach Donnenfield: Let's find out which brands captivated audiences and led October in earned media value.

Cat Kulke: The annual Halloween makeup frenzy was in full swing this October. And as influencers celebrated spooky season with sometimes scary, sometimes silly, and always elaborate looks, many cosmetics brands enjoyed frighteningly strong spikes in earned media value. Like in previous years, stage and special effects makeup brands saw particularly strong EMV gains this year. Ben Nye, for example, enjoyed a 312% month- over- month surge in EMV, collecting 4. 6 million. Notably, two million of this total came from posts tagged Halloween makeup. Celebrity- founded brands also got in on the hype, with influencers favoring brands that championed outside- the- box self- expression, like Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories. A significant 1. 6 million of the brand's 5. 6 million total came from content tagged Halloween makeup, contributing to the brand's 36% month- over- month growth. Finally, no Halloween makeup look is complete without lashes, as proven by Eldora False Eyelashes' impressive 279% month- over- month EMV growth. While the brand galvanized its influencer community with its hashtag Eldora Halloqueen 21 campaign, the brand also featured widely in organic Halloween content, with mentions of hashtag Halloween makeup accounting for over half of the brand's 3.4 million EMV total.

Zach Donnenfield: In US cosmetics, the top 10 had a spectacular October, with ColourPop coming in at number one. The indie beauty brand saw 15% growth in month- over- month EMV, thinks in part to an organic spike in share of voice. Content mentioning ColourPop increased by 16% month- over- month, with posts per influencer increasing in parallel. Hot on ColourPop's heels, Anastasia Beverly Hills enjoyed a fruitful month, experiencing 18% month- over- month growth and collecting 36. 4 million EMV. Contributing to the brand's success was increased activity amongst its influencer community. Breaking into the top 10 this month, at number seven, was cosplay and special effects brand, Mehron Makeup. Leaning into the Halloween hype, the brand far exceeded its leaderboard competitors, experiencing an impressive 261% month- over- month growth in EMV, and collecting 23.7 million.

Cat Kulke: Enthusiasm for skincare held steady in October, with the top 10 brands averaging a 6% month- over- month uptick. However, several brands surged ahead thanks to savvy contests and campaigns. Paula's Choice expanded its presence on TikTok, by tapping skincare guru, Dr. Muneeb Shah, for its beauty begins with truth challenge. Shah shared one piece of skincare advice he wished he'd learned sooner, and encouraged his followers to do the same for a chance to win a$1, 000. Buzz around the educational campaign helped Paula's Choice collect 3. 9 million EMV, a 32% month- over- month growth. Meanwhile, Farmacy owed its 27% month- over- month growth to a sponsored campaign promoting its green clean makeup melt away cleansing balm. High profile participants like Alexandria Larson featured the cleanser in posts tagged green clean challenge, which accounted for over 600K of Farmacy's net 3.1 million EMV.

Zach Donnenfield: It was a tough month for hair care, with just one top 10 brand experiencing month- over-month EMV growth. That brand, science- backed indie favorite K18 Hair, saw a 55% month- over- month boost, thanks largely to continued promotion from its loyal advocates within the professional stylist community. A growing community of both Salonis and everyday hair enthusiasts, helped K18 Hair close October with 2. 4 million EMV. In our EU leaderboard, top 10 newcomer Revolution Beauty enjoined a productive October, experiencing a 60% month- over- month increase, and collecting 12. 9 million EMV. Partnerships with powerhouse influencers were a key component of the brand success, with three of its top five earners boasting over one million followers. Landing at number eight in the UK top 10, Morphe boomed thanks to healthy adoption among influencers participating in Halloween makeup trends. The brand's top two EMV drivers in October, Brandon Scott and Sophie Hannah Richardson, both included Morphe products in various Halloween looks, contributing a combined 803, 200 EMV. Fenty Beauty soared in France, jumping from number seven in September's top 10 to number four this month, contributing to the brand's 2. 6 million EMV haul was an impressive surge in content volume, which increased by 20% month- over- month.

Cat Kulke: European skincare brands kept busy in October, reigning in Q4 with compelling campaigns and meaningful activations. L'Oreal Paris inspired a conversation across Europe in October, tapping TikTok stars, including Italian lip syncing sensation, Marta Losito, to promote its popular Revitalift serum. Bolstered by the product- centric initiative, the brand closed October with 1. 6 million EMV, a 233% month- over- month growth. Meanwhile, in the UK, SkinCeuticals also leaned into hype around a popular product, inviting beauty gurus, including Danielle Marcan, to show high impact endorsements of its HA Intensifier. The serum accounted for 190K of SkinCeuticals' net 851. 5K EMV, fueling its 85% month- over- month growth. Finally, Fresh surged ahead in France, increasing its EMV by 564% month- over- month, to net 910K. The brand inspired an influx of new fans, by inviting influencers to feature its products in sponsored skincare tutorials, and unveiling an Insta- worthy popup in Paris.

Zach Donnenfield: Four brands within the luxury fashion top 10 experienced month- over- month growth, much of which stem from the success of these brands' Paris Fashion Week shows. Fendi's 16% month- over- month EMV growth led the top 10 in October. The Italian luxury fashion house enjoyed a dramatic boost thanks to its collaboration with Kim Kardashian's lounge and underwear brand, SKIMS. The partnership dominated social conversation about Fendi throughout October, drawing hype from influencers and publications alike. Kardashian herself powered 2. 5 million EMV across 20 mentions, ranking as Fendi's top earner by nearly two million EMV. Coming in at number seven in the apparel top 10, H& M stood out as one of just three brands to experience month- over- month EMV growth. Despite claiming a modest 3% EMV growth, H& M jumped two places over last month, closing October with 22. 6 million EMV. The brand success was driven in part by a slight increase in organic activity among content creators. Alo Yoga continued its growth trajectory, closing October just behind H& M at number eight in the top 10, with 22.2 million EMV. The brand's 5% month- over- month EMV spike was boosted by an impactful partnership with actress Ashley Benson, who sported various Alo Yoga matching sets in her October content.

Cat Kulke: That does it for this month. Be sure to check out our full October Tribe Top 10 Report, for more data and insights on this month's top brands.

Zach Donnenfield: And for all your influencer marketing needs, including reports and insights on top brands across beauty, fashion, wellness, and more, keep checking tribedynamics. com. We'll see you next time.


Welcome to our October Tribe Top 10 Video Recap! In this video, Cat and Zach from Team Tribe provide quick-hit insights into October’s top brands across U.S. beauty, European beauty, luxury fashion, apparel, and more. Keep on watching to find out how rising and established cosmetics brands capitalized on the Halloween makeup trend and led October in Earned Media Value!